Making Great Compost
to Grow Great Vegetables

The world's best gardeners know that great compost is one of the premier secrets to growing vibrant, healthy, nutrient-rich vegetables that burst with flavor.

Flavor unlike anything you can buy at the supermarket.

And it's not because compost feeds the plants, but because it feeds the soil ecosystem. which in turn feeds the plants a more complete and balanced diet than any combination of fertilizers can. And making compost is both easy and fun, once you know how.

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In Making Great Compost you'll learn:

  • the four ingredients that must be balanced to make compost quickly and without smell
  • the differences between hot and cold composting (it's not just temperature)
  • the best compost bin for your needs
  • why homemade compost is better than store-bought, and
  • why a worm bin is not the same as a compost bin (but a great addition!)

Great compost has many other benefits:

Think of all the reasons to grow a vegetable garden...

Spending quality time outside. Having ready access to super-fresh veggies that actually taste like something! Helping your kids connect to nature... and probably a bunch of other things.

Well great compost makes all those benefits possible, and once you know how to do it the right way, its super fun!

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Download free ebook Making Great Compost here

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