Best Gifts for Gardeners

To me, the best gifts for gardeners are things that are practical, well-made, and bring delight. Nothing fits the bill better than a well-made, really useful tool! (Unless it's something that helps the wild pollinators...)

This thoughtfully-curated collection contains some of my favorite tools, bee houses, pollinator-friendly seeds, indoor seed-starting racks and other gardener's delights.

Best Gifts for Gardeners $5-$50.

Wild Bee Houses and Supplies

I have two of these: one for mason bees and one for leafcutters. A beautiful addition. Combine with a Pollinator Seed Collection for a truly unique gift!

Bee Happy Seed Collection

This collection of annual and perennial seeds is not only gorgeous, it attracts a variety of wild bees. Support your local pollinators, and enjoy the beauty, too!

Butterfly Banquet
Seed Collection

Feed endangered Monarchs, as well as Swallowtails, Frittilaries, and other wonderful "flutterby's".

Japanese Weeding Sickle

My favorite weeding tool. Has a razor-sharp Japanese blade that slices roots off cleanly, just below ground.

Tool Tote

Neither too girly nor too macho, this tote is the most practical and durable I have found anywhere.

My #1
Most-Used Tool

I use this for... well, EVERYTHING.
(Weeding, leveling, transplanting, digging, prying, eating lunch...)

Best Gifts for Gardeners $100-300

Worm Farm Composter

This odor free, small-batch kitchen worm bin is really fun for kids (as well as your inner child!)

Dual-Batch Compost Tumbler icon

This smaller size compost tumbler lets you finish one batch,  while adding new scraps to the other side.

The King of Spades

Okay, so I don't own this... but I wish I did! (The first spade I've found to outcompete my 40-year old Clarington)

Best Gifts for Gardeners $300-$600

3-Tier Adjustable Sunlite Garden

Adjustable heights lets you keep lights right above seedlings to prevent legginess.

2-Tier Adjustable Sunlite Garden

More compact version of the 3-tier, but still with adjustable heights.

Farmstead Cedar Raised Beds

The best pre-made raised beds on the market. Stack for desired height. Cedar lasts for decades.

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