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Garden Trellis Ideas for Vertical Vegetable Gardening

A garden trellis can be anything from an old stepladder to a Craftsman-style masterpiece. Whether you're looking for a bean trellis, a cucumber trellis, or any other vegetable trellis ideas, here are photos to spark your imagination.

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Bean trellis of wood stakes and wire mesh
Wood lattice bean trellis with scarlet runner beans
Beans growing up a spiral cage
Built In Garden Trellis on Raised Beds
Garden Trellis: Winter Squash on Chainlink Fence
Simple wood and string teepee bean trellis.
Cedar and wire bean trellis on the back side of triple compost bin.
Stick teepee bean trellis.
Garden Trellis of Concrete Reinforcing Wire
Cedar Garden Trellis Loaded with Melons at End of Season
Japanese-style cedar vegetable trellis built into a raised bed garden.
Square wire commercial bean trellis
Cedar and wire vegetable trellis doubles as tool storage.
Corner Detail Cedar Squash Trellis
Vegetable Trellis with Airborne Winter Squash
Butternut squash growing up a Japanese-style cedar trellis.
Garden Trellis: 2x2s and String
Garden Trellis: 2x2 and Spiral Wire
Cedar Bean Trellis at End of the Season
Vegetable Trellis Bounty
Garden Trellis: 2x2 and Wire A-Frame
Another A-Frame Bean Trellis
Bean Trellis Teepee of Natural Branches
Vegetable Trellis: Is It a Melon or a Squash?
Cucumber Trellis of 2x2s and String
Green Snow Fence Bean Trellis
Sturdy Garden Trellis Made of Cedar and Concrete Reinforcing Wire
Garden Trellis: Elegant Asian Design
Expanding Bamboo Teepee Trellis
Decorative Steel Garden Trellis
Corner Detail of Craftsman-style Garden Trellis
Garden Trellis Adorned with Old Window, with a Place for Tools
Japanese-style Garden Trellis Loaded with Beans and Winter Squash
Huge Cedar Bean Trellis at the Beginning the Season
Wooden Arch Ladder Cucumber Trellis
Japanese-style Garden Trellis Loaded with Winter Squash
Shade House of Wire Mesh Columns, Growing Long Melons
Beans on Wrought-Iron Trellis
4 Wire-Mesh Column Shade House Growing 5-Foot Long Melons
Welded Steel Art Trellis
Detail, Cedar Melon Trellis
Vegetable Trellis Made of 2x2s and 1x2s
Bean Trellis of 1x2s and String
Beans Growing Up Old Stepladder
Green Wrought Iron Bean Trellis
Corner Detail, Cedar Bean Trellis
Butternut Squash on Cedar Trellis at Season's End
Squash? or Melon? on Cedar Trellis at Season's End
Beans and Winter Squash on Japanese-style Cedar Trellis at Season's End

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