Types of Onions

As a gardener, “types of onions” refers to whether the onion is a long-day, intermediate-day, or short-day type. Each of these types contains multiple varieties. To choose which onions to grow in your garden, consider type first.

In order to get onions to form bulbs, the day length has to be long enough to trigger the onion to switch from growing large green tops to developing its bulb. Different types of onions have different requirements in terms of the length of day needed to trigger this switch from top growth to bulb growth. Since day length is related to latitude, the best type of onion to grow in your region depends on how far north or south you are. (See the How to Grow Onions article.)

If you try to grow a long-day onion in the south where day length is shorter, it will never form a bulb, no matter how long it grows. You must choose the right type for your latitude.

Now when a cook considers “types of onions” they may be thinking, “Do I want to use 'Walla Walla Sweet', 'Bermuda', 'White', 'Cippolini' , 'Torpedo' or 'Yellow' onions in this dish?” In this case the cook is considering different varieties, not types.

Unless that cook is also a gardener, they would have no reason to consider type, only whether the onion is sweet, pungent, mild, strong, juicy, crunchy etc.

Here is a chart showing a few of the different varieties that are available by type. There is some overlap (in other words, some varieties may bulb at shorter day-lengths than indicated). Check out the different seed catalogs for more choices.

Long-Day Onions (need 14-16 hour days)

Intermediate-Day Onions
(need 12-14 hour days)

Short-Day Onions
(need 10-12 hour days)

Walla Walla
Big Daddy
Ringmaster-White Spanish Yellow Sweet Spanish
Ailsa Craig
Mt. Whitney

Red Candy Apple
Super Star
Sierra Blanca

Southern Bell
Red Creole
Texas Early White
Texas Legend
Bermuda White
Yellow Granex
Red Long of Tropea
White Castle

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